anne wilson


detail of Rewinds piece

texts / credits

project statement Rewinds, 2010 Glass, 6 x 90 x 136 inches overall Catalog: “Anne Wilson: Wind/Rewind/Weave” is published by the Knoxville Museum of Art in conjunction with WhiteWalls Inc. and distributed by The University of Chicago Press. This 175-page publication includes essays by Chris Molinski, Glenn Adamson, Jenni Sorkin, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Philis Alvic, and Laura […]

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photo of Anne Wilson's Sampler piece


Sampler, 2007 Glass, 3″ x 20″ x 17″ Collection Museum of Glass, International Center for Contemporary Art, Tacoma, Washington project statement Sampler refers to an embroidered textile in various stitches as a specimen of skill, as well as a representative collection or example of something. This artwork may represent a textile sampler that has either

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