anne wilson

Anne Wilson if we asked about the sky

Anne Wilson

If We Asked about the Sky and All That Was Formed from Earth

Companion texts

Edited and annotated by Casey Carsel

Copy edited by Susan Snodgrass
Designed and typeset by Unyimeabasi Udoh

Written on the occasion of Anne Wilson’s solo exhibition, If We Asked about the Sky, at Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago (July 10 – August 15, 2020), this collection of texts speaks to and around the exhibited works. The collection grew out of extensive discussions be­tween the artist and Casey Carsel spending time together in Anne’s studio experi­encing the developing artworks. All texts in serif font are quoted from the sources noted at the bottom of each page, while texts in sans serif were written by Casey in conversation with Anne’s work and the sources. We give special thanks to Surabhi Ghosh and Jovencio de la Paz, who contributed writing in response to Anne’s work and the ethos of this volume.



A complimentary print version of the Companion Texts is available when you visit the gallery. If you wish one to be mailed, please send your request and $12.00 USD (shipping and handling) in check or money order to:
Rhona Hoffman Gallery
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Chicago, IL 60622 USA

if we asked about the sky companion texts