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Anne Wilson errant behaviors 2022

Anne Wilson, Errant Behaviors (2022)

Video and sound installation
Composer and Sound Design: Shawn Decker
Animator: Cat Solen; Post-production Animator and Mastering: Daniel Torrente
Remastering, Errant Behaviors (2022): Doug Rosman and Shawn Decker
Copyright 2004, 2022 Anne Wilson
Collections: Museum of Arts and Design, New York; 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan; and private collections

Errant Behaviors (2022) is a video and sound installation that can be experienced in new light due to current technologies. The work proposes surreal implications and intersections between textile, moving image, and sound.

I was pleased that my SAIC Art and Technology colleagues invited an online version of Errant Behaviors to be part of the virtual Ars Electronica Festival for Art, Technology & Society, September 9-13, 2020. Here is the short adaptation link:

Acknowledging the continued relevance of Errant Behaviors (made in 2004 in response to my Topologies installation of lace parts in the 2002 Whitney Biennial), I recently went back to the original files and worked with artist and technology guru Doug Rosman to recreate the moving images in high definition, with improved color and clarity. Now, each of the 23 animation segments has the potential to be projected very large, with the images in their original high resolution—beyond what was possible with the standard definition DVDs that were available to my studio in 2004.

In addition to the visual updates, composer Shawn Decker remastered his original score to match the visual improvements. Shawn says: “There are significant changes in the audio levels of the various tracks. These all now have dynamic 4-band compression and dynamic limiting as well, and this really makes them jump! A lot of details that were previously not well heard now really stand out. These will stand up much better under a wider variety of listening situations.” Please click to listen to Shawn’s Errant Behaviors Remix on Spotify.

Each of the 12 image/sound animation segments in channel 1 are conceived to play in relationship to the 11 image/sound animation segments in channel 2 – always 2 projections or 2 screens with variable installation configurations play in relationship to each other. Because the play order is shuffled and there is no beginning or end, ongoing improvisational relationships are created.

I consider this 2022 version of Errant Behaviors the definitive version of the work.

– Anne Wilson, 2022

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