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drawing room participant texts

participant texts Arda Asena_06_15_23_Davis Street Drawing Room.pdf Aviva Alter_the mess_the love_10_12_22_Davis Street Drawing Room.pdf (330KB) Carrie Olivia Adams_03_03_2023_Davis Street Drawing Room Casey Carsel_01_19_2023_Davis Street Drawing Room.pdf (200KB) Christie Valentin-Bati_10_29_22_Davis Street Drawing Room (90KB) Ellen Kenston_04_01_23_Davis Street Drawing Room (31KB) Emilka Wolniewicz_10_20_22_Davis Street Drawing Room (118KB) Erica Maria Littlejohn_09_14_22_Davis Street Drawing Room (38KB) Gervais Marsh_poem BRIDGE_12_19_22_Davis …

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drawing room research/press

research/press Davis Street Drawing Room 01_Anne Wilson_INTRODUCTION_Drawing Room.pdf 02_Anne Wilson_Diagram of Davis Street Drawing Room space 03_Anne Wilson_Prompts for Close Looking 04_Anne Wilson_Digital microscope instructions 05_Anne Wilson_A True Story about a Linen Bed Sheet_Ruth Gawthrop Essays Anne Wilson’s artwork Anne Wilson_Decorating Stains_Ren Ewart_2021 Anne Wilson_Domestic Ritual in Art of Anne Wilson_Elizabeth A. Richards_2006 Anne Wilson_TOPOLOGIES …

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drawing room participant images

Above is a selection of images in the participant archive of the Davis Street Drawing Room. These images will always be available through this link and more images will be added over time. For information about date and medium, click here.

Anne Wilson Drawing Center performance

drawing room introduction

Anne Wilson, Introduction to the Davis Street Drawing Room The Davis Street Drawing Room is an experimental and public facing art project. Textile parts, excavations from years of Anne Wilson’s art-making, form an archive displayed over multiple horizontal surfaces and walls in the studio (or drawing room) on Davis Street in Evanston, Illinois. The archive …

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errant behaviors 2022 texts / credits

Anne Wilson, Errant Behaviors (2022) Video and sound installationComposer and Sound Design: Shawn DeckerAnimator: Cat Solen; Post-production Animator and Mastering: Daniel TorrenteRemastering, Errant Behaviors (2022): Doug Rosman and Shawn DeckerCopyright 2004, 2022 Anne WilsonCollections: Museum of Arts and Design, New York; 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan; and private collections Errant Behaviors (2022) …

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if we asked video walkthrough

Anne Wilson if we asked about the sky Virtual walkthough of the exhibition “Anne Wilson: If We Asked about the Sky” at Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago (July 10 – August 15, 2020). Video by Robert Chase Heishman.  

Anne Wilson If We Asked About the Sky

companion texts

Anne Wilson If We Asked about the Sky and All That Was Formed from Earth Companion texts Edited and annotated by Casey Carsel Copy edited by Susan Snodgrass Designed and typeset by Unyimeabasi Udoh Written on the occasion of Anne Wilson’s solo exhibition, If We Asked about the Sky, at Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago (July …

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apart 6

interview 2020

Anne Wilson interview 2020 Interviewer: Caroline Kipp, Curator of Contemporary Art at The George Washington University Museum & The Textile Museum, Washington, D.C. 5. Anne Wilson. Evanston, IL. May 21, 2020 As Covid-19 pauses the globe, Anne Wilson is asking questions about how artists will adapt to the changed world: “what does it mean to physically …

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Anne Wilson's If We Asked About The Sky project

if we asked texts/credits

Anne Wilson, If We Asked about the Sky, 2020  Damask tablecloth, ink, hair embroidery  5 x 9 feet (photo: Jake Silby) Anne Wilson: If We Asked about the Sky Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago (2020) The work begins through the chance operation of throwing ink onto white damask cloth fragments. Through capillary action, the ink absorbs …

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