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image of Anne Wilson's installation of Topologies at the Victoria and Albert Museum

made at the v&a

project statement Topologies: Made at the V&A, 2008 Lace, thread, insect pins 54″ x 74″ (surface) Collection Victoria & Albert Museum, London Topologies: Made at the V&A extends from the larger Topologies installation created for the debut of the exhibition “Out of the Ordinary” at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, in 2007-08. Wilson created […]

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several images in a line of people and their hair


Anne Wilson’s hairinquiry, archived responses features a selection from the hundreds of contributions which were received through e-mail, fax, and the post from 1996 – 1999 in response to the questions: How does it feel to lose your hair? and What does it mean to cut your hair? This link to the Hairinqury website will

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bio / resume

Anne Wilson bio / resume Anne Wilson is a Chicago-based visual artist who creates sculpture, drawings, performances and video animations that explore themes of time, loss, and private and social rituals. Her artwork embraces conceptual strategies and handwork using everyday materials — table linen, bed sheets, human hair, lace, thread, glass, and wire. Wilson’s art

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artist statement

My work evolves in a conceptual space where social and political ideas encounter the material processes of handwork and industry, where the organization of fields and the objects they help generate is constantly subverted by the swarming, anarchic energy of the objects themselves. Extrapolating from personal subjective rituals to observations of larger systems within the

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