anne wilson

Rewinds sampler

detail photo of Anne Wilson's piece, Sampler

Sampler, 2007

Glass, 3″ x 20″ x 17″
Collection Museum of Glass, International Center for
Contemporary Art, Tacoma, Washington

project statement

Sampler refers to an embroidered textile in various stitches as a specimen of skill, as well as a representative collection or example of something. This artwork may represent a textile sampler that has either been deconstructed into a field of fiber bobbins, or is in the planning stages of creation. It is also a sampling of the variety of inventions of glass rewinds created during Wilson’s three glass residencies 2005 – 2007 (Pilchuck Glass School, R.I.T., Museum of Glass). Addressing the domestic and familial context of historic sampler production, this piece is dedicated to the artist’s mother, Nancy Gawthrop Wilson.