anne wilson

Anne Wilson walking new york text credits


  • The Drawing Center History (Wessler)
    WilsonDrawingCenterHistory.pdf (4MB)
    The site of To Cross (Walking New York) – the main gallery floor of The Drawing Center – holds strong historical ties to the textile industry. Project Manager Alisha Wessler researched the history of 35 Wooster Street by visiting archives and libraries throughout New York City. She found that the building was built for and named after its original owner, James W. Lyall, who invented the Positive Motion Loom Company in 1868. Here are images and excerpts from this research.

  • STRIPES – Archive of Sources (Algarate)
    WilsonStripesArchiveOfSources.pdf (3.5MB)
    Anne Wilson and studio intern, Daniella Algarate, researched industrially woven striped fabrics for To Cross (Walking New York). Here is a compilation of images.

  • Installation and Spatial Visualization (Grady)
    WilsonSpatialVisualization.pdf (715KB)
    School of the Art Institute of Chicago Master of Architecture candidate Maggie Grady worked with Anne Wilson to develop motion studies and spatial understandings of The Drawing Center gallery, installation and performance, in preparation for To Cross (Walking New York). Here are selections from Maggie’s drawings.

  • Warping Histories (Churchill)
    WilsonWarpingHistories.pdf (1.1MB)
    This document was compiled by research assistant Abbye Churchill who worked with Anne Wilson doing studio research for To Cross (Walking New York). This compilation of images of both hand and machine warping processes was never intended to be comprehensive but useful as informational guides. Sources are located adjacent to each image.