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wind-up chicago

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texts / credits

project statement Anne Wilson, Wind-Up: Walking the Warp, performance and sculpture Performance January 20 – 25, 2008 Rhona Hoffman Gallery, 118 North Peoria Street, Chicago Anne Wilson: Portable City, Notations, Wind-Up exhibition January 21 – March 1, 2008 Wind-Up: Walking the Warp was one of three interrelated projects in Wilson’s 2008 exhibition at Rhona Hoffman

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performance dvd

Anne Wilson walking chicago walking the warp performance video Anne Wilson, Wind-Up: Walking the Warp, 2008A video documentation by Jeroen Nelemans (7:09 min)A collaborative performance at Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, January 2008. Participants included Sara Rabinowitz, Carla Duarte, Annie Egleson, Surabhi Ghosh, Jongock Kim, Rosemary Lee, Christy Matson, Rachel Moore, Jeroen Nelemans, Rana Siegel,

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