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Anne Wilson topologies installation dvd

Anne Wilson’s Topologies: The Installation Process

Directed by Severo De Jesus Barreras Jr.

Web version of Severo Barreras’ DVD of the installation of Topologies (4-5.03), 2003 at the University Art Gallery, San Diego State University (Tina Yapelli, Director and Curator of the exhibition “Anne Wilson: Unfoldings”). With thanks to the following individuals for their contribution to the installation process and participation in this video project in San Diego: Joan F. Austin, Jonathan Austin, Carrie Burckle, Mary Lynn Dominguez, Tama Dumlao, Chris Friant, Michelle Islas, Ayuko Izumi, Dallae Kang, Jenika Kurtz, Rosario Mercado, Shaquaya Morgan, Melanie Pantell, Hyun-young Park, Ellen Phillips, Suzanne Sterling, Bradley Steeper, Junghyun Woo, and Tina Yapelli. With thanks to the preparators and many assistants in New York, Boston, and Houston who have contributed to making the Topologies project come alive at each site. This DVD has been a production of San Diego State University’s Theatre, Television and Film Department.


Copyright 2004 Severo Barreras