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Anne Wilson local industry overview

Christy Matson
Millsounds, 2009  (6-minute excerpt)
Audio CD-R and video
Copyright 2009 Christy Matson

Christy Matson’s Millsounds was initially made for the exhibition “Anne Wilson: Wind/Rewind/Weave” at the Knoxville Museum of Art, January – April 2010, and was experienced as an audio piece in a room adjoining the Local Industry factory. As a web project, here the audio is combined with tightly cropped visual images of an industrial jacquard loom weaving in “real-time.”

For the audio portion of the piece, Matson recorded one minute of audio inside an industrial textile mill and time-stretched this length of sound to one hour.  These two increments of time roughly approximate how long it might take a hand-weaver to produce the same length of cloth as the industrial loom.

This project was made possible by Matson’s 2009 Artist Residency at The Oriole Mill, Hendersonville, NC. Additional thanks to Stephan Michaelson and Michael Vallera.