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Suzanne Trask, USA

I am going through chemotherapy. Most of my hair has fallen out, including most body hair and my eyelashes. The arm hair is still there, tho. I had long hair for thirty years. I had my waist length hair trimmed to chin length after the first chemo treatment, knowing it would cause hair loss. Then I bought a wig that was similar to my new, shorter hairdo.

Some of my female acquaintances are still unsure about whether or not my hair is a wig or real. The wig color is slightly different, with no white hairs, and the wig is straight where my own hair is wavy. One of my coworkers has brought up the question several times. Since I prefer not to go into the whole cancer bit with her, I simply smile and say nothing when she prods me. For some reason, I just don't want to give her the satisfaction, and she isn't sure.

A friend of hers recently grabbed my wig and stroked it. I know she doesn't know whether or not I am wearing a wig. Part of me laughs and part of me is angry that anyone would keep bringing up the subject, but I know that hair and its changes are something women discuss ad nauseam, as an expression of interest and concern.