Contributions by other people

J Stephan, USA

I grew up in the 1960's. It was a very volatile time in our history. Young men grew their hair long in protest of the "establishment". My father hated long hair on men and from the time I can remember until I was eight or nine I had to endure unwanted crewcuts at the hand of my father and his ever ready clippers. He would seat me in a highchair in the center of the kitchen and shave me to the scalp as I cried. My mother didn't share his affection for the crewcut and the more they fought, the shorter my hair became. My sister, seven years older than I, teased me mercilessly about my "pigshave." I felt terrible and wanted to fit in with the young people but couldn't with such short hair. As a result I have developed an attraction to short hair on women and watching women have their hair cut. My wife indulges my fantasies and we sometimes trim and style her hair as a prelude to great sex.