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John Spiak, USA

I am normally bald, short stubby hair on the top of my head and fuller on the sides.

For the opening reception of the exhibition "Art on the Edge of Fashion," I shaved my head leaving just two arrows in front pointing upwards and the word "bald" on the back.

I covered the top of my head with a cheap hair piece I made out of a wig and put on my best suit. The idea behind this was to express how silly hair pieces are; no matter how hard you try to cover it or how much money you spend on a hair piece, people can still tell. Most of the time hair pieces look totally out of place. Be bald with pride the way nature meant you to be.

I received interesting feedback during the evening. People I know didn't recognize me. The people who did recognize me thought I was originally bald by choice and had just grown my hair out for the event (not thinking that it would have been impossible for anyone to grow hair that fast, since I had just seen many of them a couple of days before). Women who had bald husbands pulled their mates over for a laugh (at the husbands' expense), and I got a sneer from one of the Museum's major donors who wears a hair piece.

Overall I was very happy with the reaction. It made people smile.

I have known my whole life that I would be bald (father, uncles, and both grandfathers are), so it is very comfortable for me. Besides, desert living is much cooler without hair and I save all that money on hair care products (i.e. brushes, combs, hair spray, moose, hairdryers, etc.)

Ha, Ha, Ha you haired ones.

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