Contributions by other people

Helen Maria Nugent, Scotland

When I was wee I had the longest hair - it was almost longer than I was tall and I could easily pull it between my legs when I was standing up. I have the kind of hair that grows and grows. I've had really long hair more that once in my lifetime. I also have some hair stories to share. Two gruesome tales and one funny one.

Gruesome Tale #1: We had a real coal fire in the living room and I often used to sit on the grate right in front of the fire until 'lazy tartan' appeared on my arms and legs. One morning when I was watching Glenn Michael's Cavalcade (cartoons) I smelled the worst smell ever. My hair had caught on fire. Although a lot of my hair was burned no one could tell the difference at school the next day, but my hair did smell funny for a long time.

Gruesome Tale #2: I was carrying my brother's birthday cake into the living room and singing Happy Birthday to him when before I knew it my hair was on fire again and everything was aglow all around me! I actually didn't drop the cake but I was never allowed to carry it again after that.

Funny Tale: When I was older (about 22) my hair had grown really long again - it touched my bottom. Yet again there was more hair than me so I decided that it all had to go. I went to Vidal Sasson and they fussed and fussed and told me that they could cut my hair and assured me that it would look great. They told me that I should not be apprehensive in any way. I actually wasn't worried at all but I know some people are precious about their hair and have a hard time getting it cut off. Anyway, a few days later I was sitting in the chair and the hairdresser came over to cut my hair. After combing it through he told me that he wouldn't cut it - he didn't think that I should get my long hair cut off. But that's what I was there to do! I asked for another hairdresser who would do the job. Without much ado another hairdresser twisted my hair into a pony tail and just lopped off about 10 inches in one shot. Wow! My head felt about 10 pounds lighter almost immediately. I was very pleased with my new hair cut and I went straight home. Once I arrived home I realized I had forgot that my mum had wanted to keep the cut-off hair. I did make this request to the hairdresser but I had left without asking for it. I thought that my hair would surely be in the bin but the very next day I got a call from the hairdresser. My brother answered the phone and called out to tell me it was Vidal Sasson calling to let me know they "had my hair" and "I should come and pick it up." I went back to the hairdresser's the next day and went up to the reception counter and asked for my hair. The best thing about this is that my hairdresser had carefully braided my cut-off hair into a pleat and had neatly tied it at either end. Also, this pleat was all wrapped up in official Vidal Sasson packaging like a present. My mum still has the pleat to this day. It looks the same now as it did then.