Contributions by other people

C.J. Mitchell, USA

I just cut my hair last night. I had long dredlocks that came to my shoulders. I had been growing my hair for about 4 years. I had been thinking about it all weekend so I decided to do it. I related it to being tired and needing a change. A friend of my passed last week. I did not at first relate this to my friend passing but now as I examine this I see a correlation. Life is brief, and no one knows when their life will end, so do the things you want to do. Now that I have cut my hair I feel a new freedom. I cut it all! I now see how my head is shaped. I can now feel the slightest breeze. I enjoy this. To maintain my hair, it had become a ritual that I did not enjoy, not to say I did not like my hair, I loved my hair. After I cut my hair, I saved the locks. I was thinking about making a piece about my locks or make something with them. I was examining my locks, now away from my head, I could see the different stages in my locks and related them to different periods in my life. I don't know if this is very clear but these our my thoughts on cutting my locks.