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Niki Juratowitch, Australia

Cutting my hair is always a liberating experience. Until I was 21 my hair was never longer than my shoulders. Then for four years I grew my hair; several times it was well trimmed. The first time it was trimmed uneven by this giggly nervous idiot (they were called pricebusters, I should have known better!). After that I approached each trim with caution, but no hairdresser has let me down since. Most of them are my buddies or my own trusty hand.

I cut my long hair on January 6, 1994. I quit my job at Grace Bros on the same day and I felt the best I had in a long time. Cutting your hair can be as good as a holiday, as fun and as satisfying as sex, hell! As I've liked to say on occasion to people with locks, "cut them down, have a change - if you hate it, it'll still grow..."

I've shaved my head, had undercuts, had trim lines, hacked into it, so my mum's hairdresser had no option but to give me a punk cut. At 27 I have taken to playing with weird colours, blue is my favorite. I'm taking cuts so I can do a tapestry, so I don't have bits of hair lying about to lose. There is something special about hair. I love the small and the feel of fresh cut clean hair........