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Darcy Grant, USA

I'm what you would consider somewhat of a punk, the only reason I stumbled upon this page was that I'm trying to find out how to turn my head into a spike-ball. When I cut my hair, it doesn't affect me very much, because I know I look odd with long hair, and most of my life my hair had been cut short. I believe long, un-styled hair is like a canvas with no painting, somewhat vexing, plain, and waste-full.

Recently, I cut the hair of a friend. It started out all the way to the base of her spine, and ended looking like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. It looked wonderful, but she almost immediately wished she hadn't let me cut it. I think her initial want of having it cut really was more of a rebellion than anything. For one her mother didn't want it cut, she wanted the hair to grow longer! And she also specifically expressed her disdain towards Pulp Fiction, the movie from which I was asked to copy the hairstyle.

So, I currently believe cutting your hair is rebellion against something in your current life. My rebellion (with my hair spiked into several large, green, spikes) is a little more blatant than my friend, but it's the exact same rebellion, her against her mother, mine against conformity.