Contributions by other people

Mark Eaton, Australia

Now, (presently) I like getting my hair cut. There is something special about having a person cut and play with your hair. I've been getting my hair cut every six weeks by Jo. She's magic. I don't mind paying the $25. every time. She's a professional.

I've gone through a lot of different stages in my 36 years. When I was about 4 I hated having my hair cut. I used to kick and scream being dragged into the barber. He was old and stunk of liniment. Later aged 7-ish my folks were hip to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. This was 1966. I thought I was cool with my longish hair. About age 13 I saw Samson and Delilah with Victor Mature. After seeing that movie I had this firm belief that power lay in long hair, and from 15 when I had more say about what was to happen in my life, I took a vow never to cut my hair again. For 6 years no one touched my hair with scissors or clippers.

It was punk rock that made me change my mind and after 3 years of punk music and the scene that was happening I shocked everyone by having it cut. It took 4 cancelled appointments before I managed to walk into that little suburban hair salon. The girl who cut it couldn't believe her luck. She loved it. I kept a lock and still have it.

It's short now and cut uneven. Grunge look so Jo says. I think it's good to play with your hair styles. A change is as good as a holiday. For the last year I've been dyeing my hair bright (fire engine, hot chilli, red corvette) RED. I love it.

And as for losing it. My dad still has his, at 55, a little receded, a little thin, but he still looks good. If you lose it, you lose it. You're still the same person. If I still have mine at 55, I'll be happy and if I don't I'll still be happy. Maybe I'll just keep it shaved. Yeah!