Contributions by other people

Alexa Coyne, Ireland

About six years ago I had long red curly hair down to the base of my spine, everyone always commented on how lovely it was and how pre-Raphaelite I looked. I was involved in a terrible relationship with a painter. He was involved with someone else who lived in the country and though he spent time with me in the city he was simultaneously pining for her. I felt the need to do something dramatic and so I decided to take an extended leave from my job at an art gallery and go to South America for two months to visit family and friends. When there I had an amazing time - it was a trip I will never forget but as the day for my return approached I again felt the need to do something dramatic that would show him I had changed. The day I was due to go the airport I had a friend come round and cut all my hair off. It took so long that I nearly missed my flight home.