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Avantika Bawa, India

Your search seemed rather interesting and I thought I could inform you about the importance of hair in my religion. My guess is that you probably are aware of what I am about to tell you..............

I am from the state of Punjab in India and the dominant religion there is Sikhisim. It is a complex religion and the feature that sets it apart from all other religions in India is that neither men nor women are allowed to cut their hair. The hair is therefore almost sacred and a sort of uniform that actually works. The Indian men you may have seen around Devon, wearing turbans, are Sikhs. It is great but has many disadvantages which leads to strange phenomena which I would love to tell to you about.

To begin narrating my incidents on what the draw backs of not being able to cut your hair as a Sikh would be, I'll tell you of an incident that occurred with my parents right after they were married. Not cutting or trimming ones hair is not good for its growth, which is why my father was practically bald at the time he got married, although he had never cut his hair. My mother did not like the idea of being married to a bald man, and hence took it as a challenge to give him good and regular massages with natural ingredients. And it did work. Of course, he is a much happier man today and under his turban he can at least tie his hair in a bun, not the way women do, but the kind Buddha did. In fact, that is how all Sikh men do their hair.